rosie hetherington chairman cu3aWe held our AGM on 20th July and there were ninety-eight members present to see the new Committee voted in. 
The AGM also gave us a chance to express our thanks to all those people who give so much of their time to this wonderful organisation: to the Group Co-ordinators and all who help within their groups; and thanks, too, to all who help at Monthly Meetings. Some do a lot every time, others help out now and again. You all help to make these meetings successful and enjoyable. 
We also enjoyed a talk by Ann Hine from the Gardening Group, who showed us a Power Point presentation of gardens visited over the past few years. Altogether it was an enjoyable afternoon. A special welcome to all of our newer members who joined in November 2016 or May this year. Here’s hoping you are beginning to settle in – joining Groups and making friends too.
If you come to any of our Monthly Meetings you’ll know what’s going on – you’ll find out about Holidays and Outings, and, if you read the notice board, you’ll see events organised by Thames Valley Network, often held quite locally. And, of course, you get to meet other members to have a chat over a cup of tea.
If you are otherwise engaged on the third Thursday each month you can always find out what’s happening by looking at our website: I say this knowing that most of you DO have a computer or have friends who have one. There you will find details of the Outings, as well as information about Groups. We are using technology more and more – this year for the first time we notified you by email that it was time to pay your subs. Only a few grumbled that they don’t read emails but generally we were very pleased with the response. Please look at the website – I just want to reassure you that you don’t need a password to look at the main content.
Most of you enjoy our U3A – well you wouldn’t be a member otherwise would you? However, your Committee always welcomes YOUR suggestions about what to do, or what not to do in the future. So do get out your ipad, computer or phone and contact me!
Best wishes to you all.
Rosie Hetherington