Chinnor and District U3A

  • The Chinnor & District U3A was formed in May 1999 and now has over 340 members.
  • The U3A is an Autonomous Association and is registered as a Charity (No. 1078824).  All of its members contribute their own time and effort on an unpaid and voluntary basis.  The U3A is affiliated to the national Third Age Trust.
  • Chinnor & District U3A is committed to promoting the life long learning and social needs of its members. It arranges a full programme of monthly talks, coffee mornings, outside trips and visits, short holiday breaks, special interest groups and annual lectures. It also publishes two newsletters per annum.
  • The U3A is managed by a Management Committee, which meets regularly. Committee members are elected by members of the U3A at the Annual General Meetings. Principal Officers are-
  • Chairman
    Janet Erskine

  • Vice Chairman
    Bryan Roebuck
  • Business Secretary
    Mike Dix

  • Treasurer
  • Dorothea Dunn

  • Membership Secretary
    Christine Barnett

  • Interest Group Secretary
    Ann Long

  • Holidays and Outings Secretary
    Peter Hetherington

  • Speaker Secretary
    Gwyneth Gribbin

  • Minutes Secretary
    Frances Wells

  • Information and Notices
    Anna Wood

  • The membership year runs from 1st June each year until 31 May of the following year.

The Annual Subscription is £15 per person per annum.
There is no charge for attendance at monthly talks.
There is also no charge to any member at coffee mornings (except for the cost of drinks) or for the newsletters.
Interest Groups charge only for any costs arising from booking meeting rooms or hiring speakers etc.

  • Chinnor & District U3A maintain close links with other U3As in our area, in particular Haddenham, Thame & District, Greater Thame and Ridgeway (collectively known as CHaTTR).
  • Is there an age limit and do I have to be retired?
    No. There is neither an upper nor lower age limit. You don’t need to be a senior citizen, though most U3A members tend to be in that category. And you don’t need to be permanently retired either. In fact, no one will ask about your background at all if you come along and ask to be a member.
    An important point to note, though, is that nearly all meetings are held during the daytime rather than evenings, so the U3A isn’t really suitable for people who have a steady 9-5 type of job.

The University of the Third Age - U3A

  • The University of the Third Age originated in 1972 in France with strong government financial and administrative support.
  • The University of the Third Age in the UK was started by the creation of The Third AgeTrust as a registered charity and limited company in 1982. In the UK there was no government support or support from the universities and the organization was based upon self help and voluntary effort with “Third Agers” relying upon their own efforts and experience and skills. It remains largely the case to this day although there is considerable support for the whole concept of life long learning and a number of U3As have benefited from the award of lottery grants to help with the purchase of equipment and general development.
  • In the UK, groups affiliated to the Third Age Trust are more commonly known as U3As.  Each U3A is autonomous and self governing whilst adhering to the basic principles set out in the Third Age Trust charter for U3As. The main purpose remains to encourage lifelong learning for those no longer in full time gainful employment.
  • It is a basic tenet that learning is for pleasure and no qualifications are sought or awarded.
  • The U3A movement has experienced explosive growth since it was first established in the UK in the early 1980s. Today there are well over 1,000 individual U3As with a total membership of over 130,000 and the number of U3As and members continues to grow.

World U3A

  • The World U3A is a free Internet service - not a membership organisation - and our online projects are available to all U3A groups or kindred organisations worldwide. They have a monthly newsletter which can be read on line and be subscribed to. Click here to read.

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