Last Updated: Friday, 25 January 2019


Volunteers are required for the monthly meetings at the Village Hall to set up and put away the chairs before the meeting starts and after it has finished, to welcome members as they arrive at the start of the meeting and to serve tea and coffee when the speaker has finished the talk.  Please contact Peter Brook if you are prepared to help.

Don’t forget that the Third Age Trust run online courses (some tutored and some non-tutored).  These courses are for everyone but are particularly aimed at members who are unable to get out to group meetings but who would like to learn something new.  
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These are collectively known as CHaTTR.  For information on what is going on in this group click here.

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 Useful Information

ICE (In Case of Emergency)
If you own a mobile telephone it is a good idea to record a telephone number that can be used if anyone needs to contact someone on your behalf in an emergency.  It is a generally accepted practice to record this number in your “names” list as ICE.  If you want to add several numbers just use ICE1, ICE2 etc. If your phone locks so that the address book is not available then you can place 'Personal Information' on the lock screen so an ICE number placed there is the first thing a first responder will see when the phone is accessed.

Another useful tip is to find and record a mobile phone's IMEI number. If known, it would help in recovering the phone should it be lost or stolen. A phone provider can use this number to track and locate the phone and disable it even if a thief gains access to it. The IMEI is embedded in the phone and cannot be changed. To find the number, dial * # 0 6 #, this will display the IMEI and the phone's serial number.

With most phone's, you can capture the screen using a key combination. For Android based phones, press and hold the HOME button and the POWER button at the same time, the phone should click like taking a photo and the screen will be captured in a SCREENSHOTS folder of the phone's photos store. iPhones and Nokia phones have a similar key combination.

In an emergency

The Emergency Number in Europe for Mobile is 112. The system does not include North and South America, Asia, or Africa. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, dial 112 and the mobile will connect your call to the local emergency services number.

General Information

Computer/Projector/Laptop/Combined DVD/VHS Player
Any group wishing to borrow the Multi Media Projector/Laptop/Combined DVD/VHS Player should contact Bryan Roebuck.

Please give as much notice as is practical.