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Our group is by far the largest within the Chinnor U3A with over 120 members. Each Winter, there are monthly meetings with guest speakers and tea and coffee is on tap at these meetings. Each Summer, there are monthly outings from April through to October, some local ones which we drive to and some by coach to places further afield.

These events do not just happen. They have to be organised and arranged and this is done for the benefit of members, by a very small and dedicated group, most of whom have been doing this for some considerable time.

Now, we need YOUR help, as there are several vacancies on the committee. Therefore, we are asking for volunteers to assist us in organising these events. The more helpers we have, the less amount of work each individual has to do, as the work load can then be shared. 

If you can spare a few hours each month to assist the comittee in this essential work, please step forward and volunteer, otherwise, the group is in danger of folding, and that is something that 120 members do not want to happen. If you are willing to help, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and phone number and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

The last visit of the summer

In October we had a coach trip to Essex where we visited Wickham Place Farm Garden and RHS Hyde Hall. The weather was not in our favour for the first part of our trip and Wickham Place Farm, although potentially a beautiful garden, was between seasons, and might perhaps be a Spring or mid-summer visit. Hyde Hall, however, never disappoints and has amazing planting for all year round colour and beauty. Thankfully, the rain eased off and so this part of the trip was much more enjoyable.


Wickham Farm 1Wickham Farm 2Wickham Farm 3


IMG 1867IMG 1893IMG 1895

This was the last of our summer outings and the winter monthly meetings start again on Wednesday 15th November at 10.00 a.m. in the community pavilion.

Our September visit was to White Walls, a garden in Marlow, backing onto the River Thames near to the Marlow weir. A small but interesting garden, and the owner, Mr Williams, showed us around and chatted to us. We started in the front garden where there was a beautiful lawn, an ornamental pond and Canna Lilies in pots.

White Walls 6White Walls 5White Walls 2

We then went to the rear garden, with wonderful views of the river, the weir and the wooded slopes on the opposite bank. 

White Walls 3White Walls 4White Walls 1 

 Our previous visit in August was to "Kathy Brown's Garden" in Stevington, near Bedford.

WP 20170816 002WP 20170816 007IMG 0046

On a beautiful sunny day, we wandered through the various "rooms" within the garden, many of them depicting famous paintings, with the planting matching the colour scheme of the individual pictures. Each one was a work of art. We were given a guided tour of the garden by Kathy and her husband, who explained the thoughts that went into the planning of the garden.

IMG 0050WP 20170816 005WP 20170719 008

The ancient fishpond had been converted into a seating area, surrounded by the most spectacular and colourful plants. We made good use of this when we took advantage of the tea and homemade cakes, flavoured with edible flowers, another of Kathy Brown's specialities. An altogether wonderful experience for all those who went on the trip.  

 To view the Gardening Group's Introduction Presentation "Gardening visits over the last two years" please click the picture below: 



Gardening Group Introduction Presentation

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