French Groups

Co-ordinator (facilitator?) Janet Erskine

There are 2 French groups: Beginners' and Conversation which meet on the first and third weeks of the month at 10:00. The beginners learn how to shop, visit restaurants and find their way around a town so they can survive on holiday or refresh their rusty knowledge of French. Later they'll learn how to talk about themselves and their experiences. We are using "À Vous La France", a BBC publication. This hasn't been updated or replaced by the BBC, which is a pity but it still has all that is needed. The books can be bought second-hand and cheaply at Amazon or other sites on-line. You might be lucky and come across the tapes. Beginners now meet on both days as the conversation group has dwindled somewhat but we still meet up when members are available. We look at certain areas of French grammar, increase vocabulary and idioms and look at the news items as well as talking about "what's on top". Mostly we have a pleasant and interesting time in both groups and even laugh!

We meet in my house.

Janet Erskine.

Both groups are small so there's room for more.