Archaeology & Geology

Chinnor U3A Archaeology/Geology Group.

We are a small and friendly group who meet on the fourth Monday of every month between 10am and 12 noon.

It is hoped to arrange a number of visits throughout the year visiting sites of interest and for those who are interested involvement in field walks and digs.

Depending on the content, meetings will either be held in member’s homes or at the Village Centre or other locations as advised.

On joining members will be asked to pay an initial fee of £10 to cover room hire and any speaker’s fees/expenses.

Scroll down for our current programme.








Visit to the Ashmolean Museum

Watlington hoard display


February 27th

Talk by James Mather re his Watlington hoard find.

Chinnor Village Centre. 10 -12 noon


March 27th

Talk by Dr Carol Wheeler. Medieval artefacts. Lost and found

Chinnor Village Centre. 10 -12 noon.


April 24th

Presentation of Pompeii artefacts and others by Cristine Ore

Chinnor Village Centre. 10 -12 noon.


May 22nd

New presentation by Christine Prior

Chinnor Village Centre. 10 – 12 noon.


June 26th

Talk by Dr Jill Eyers. Chiltern Archaeology

Chinnor Village Centre. 10 – 12 noon.


July 24th

 No meeting



August 28th





Talk by Jack Turner. A field in Oxfordshire

Chinnor Village Centre 10-12 noon


October 23rd

 Herculaneum and Pompiie

 Chinnor Village Centre 10 -12 noon



 Did the earth open for you? A talk on sinkholes by Nick M-K

 Chinnor Village Centre 10 -12 noon


December 25th

 No meeting

 Happy Christmas



January  22nd


Archaeology of the woodlands. Jack Morris Chiltern ANB


 Chinnor Village Centre 10 -12 noon


 February 26th

The Wealdon Iron Industry. Talk by John Perkins

Followed by the AGM and ideas for the future.

 Chinnor Village Centre 10 -12 noon


 March 26th

---------------------April 23rd. 

May 28th


Jun 25th




Aug 27th

Sept 24th

Oct 22nd


Nov. 26th


Dec 24th



Jan 28th


Feb 25th


Mar 25th.


Apr 22nd.


May 27th.


June 24th.


Jul 22nd.


Aug 26th.


Sept 23rd.

Oct 28th.

Nov 25th.

Dec 23rd



Visit to the lost village of Stoke Mandeville

 The three lost villages of Bucks


.Bank Holiday. No meeting


The land of ice and fire. 


.Vist to Wallingford museum.

Bank holiday. No meeting.

Awful archaeology. 


A small village in Oxforshire (Wheatley)

Buildings as a reflection of the geology of the Thames Sue 

Christmas Eve. 








Bank Holiday


Bank Holiday





Bank Holiday





Christmas week



 Meet at the goat centre. Further details to followChinnor Village Centre 10 -12 noon.           ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Dr Carol Wheeler



Christine Prior/Nick Marriner-Kyle. 



Transport details to follow.



Colin Oakes 


Jack Turner..

 Sue Oswell


No meeting








No meeting


No meeting





No meeting





No meeting.



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