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Tuesday, 05 May 2020

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Dear Members,Keep calm and carry on

The committee has decided as a general policy that we should cancel all group activites involving meetings.

The PM has given orders for everyone to limit physical contact by self-isolation, but we feel that Social Contact is the very ethos of our U3A and is essential.

It is a shame that we have to shut down all activity and I am sure the group co-ordinators will have plenty of ideas about keeping in touch. This is even more necessary for those without access to the internet. If you know of a member who cannot keep up to date because of this, I'm sure you will do your best keep in contact with them.

Remember, there is always the telephone. Do not visit friends and neighbours unless you absolutely have to.

Our generation is used to hand-washing and gargling with salt solution.

Keep smiling and be happy.

We hope common sense will prevail rather than panic.

With best wishes
Janet Erskine