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The website of the Chinnor and District U3A. A place to find information about the 30+ groups which make up our branch and to explore the fields of interest they pursue. We are constantly evolving and new groups are on the horizon. As a member, you'll soon have access to the members area of the site where more restricted information will be available to you.

As a non-member / visitor, who has recently or is about to retire, maybe one of our groups will appeal to you. Please visit the GROUPS page to find out what they offer. To see some of the activities we have been involved in, have a look at our Biannual Contact Newsletter.

Our groups regularly organise outings and holidays which fit in with some of the other interest groups too, so there is something for everyone. Our aim, is to learn. With age comes experience and wisdom which our members gladly share with each other, come and join us.

And now a message from our Chairman, Rosie Hetherington.

I am very proud to be your new Chairman and I consider myself to be very lucky for several reasons.
Rosie Hetherington - Chairman
Firstly, Dorrie, our immediate past Chairman, has given me lots of welcome advice about how to do the job – everything from explaining the intricacies of administering the Third Age Matters magazine to tips on speaking in public. Thanks Dorrie!
(For those of you who do have the magazine, you may like to know that a forthcoming issue of the Sources pull out section should include an article on the River Thame project which was organised by the five local U3As of Chinnor, Haddenham, Greater Thame and Thame, and Ridgeway, and in which our own Tony Clark was heavily involved.)
Secondly, Dorothy, who was our very efficient Business Secretary, has made sure that all our paperwork is in order and has outlined what has to happen, and when, over the year. Thank you Dorothy!
Thirdly, we have a splendid new Committee. This year we have five completely new Committee members and six experienced members.
Krystyna, editor of Contact, has asked them all to give a brief resume of their Chinnor U3A life. For my part, I joined Chinnor and District U3A ten years ago, when Anne Marie was Chairman. I became a coopted Committee member under Colin Sear’s leadership when I served as Membership Secretary and continued to do this role when George Hunter and Molly Milner were Chairmen. I became Speaker Secretary when Dorrie Oliver became Chairman. It’s been quite a learning experience. Outside of the U3A I studied with the Open University – being one of their first students. Later I became a volunteer organiser for the Oxfordshire Hospitals; then a social work qualification enabled me to work with older people. And now I’m one of them!
But what makes me feel really lucky is that our U3A has a reputation for being exceptionally friendly. I think one reason for this is that when one of our members is not well or needs TLC for some reason, Diane Carver, our Welfare Officer, will send a card – cards made by our creative Craft Group, run by Janet Roebuck. Thank you to Diane, Janet and all craft members!
So who knows what the next two years will bring? I’m not one for making changes unnecessarily. On the other hand we mustn’t become complacent. To this end, I asked Committee members to help me draw up a list of changes and improvements that they would like to see. I’ll report back in the next issue of Contact. I’d also really welcome your views and comments so please phone me. (Details in the Programme Card)
Talking of the Programme Card – you know that this gives details of all the talks we plan to have during the year. Thanks to Jennie Marriner-Kyle for planning speakers up to and including August 2017! Sometimes though, speakers have to be changed at the last minute and if this happens a notice will be placed here on our website. An announcement will be made at Coffee Mornings and at Monthly Meetings too. So listen out.
The Programme Card gives details, too, of all our Interest Groups – all run for our members by our Members. Ann Long is in charge of organising all of this – thank you Ann! The Interest Groups are vital in helping us to achieve the motto of the U3A – Learn, Laugh and Live.
We have every opportunity here in Chinnor to learn. We certainly know how to laugh (everyone who goes on one of Sheila’s outings will testify to this), and the result is that we should all feel that we are living life to the full.
Here’s hoping you all continue to enjoy being members of Chinnor and District U3A.
Rosie Hetherington


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